Ysaÿe Trio with Dmitry Ferschtman, Cello

The Ysaÿe Trio is pleased to announce it’s partnership with the celebrated cellist Dmitry Ferschtman in a program centred around the miraculous and seldom-heard quartet for Violin, Viola and two Cellos by Anton Arensky.

Program 2013-2014
Bohuslav Martinu (1890-1959) String Trio No.1 h136
Ernst von Dohnanyi (1877-1960) Serenade for String Trio op.10
A. Arensky (1861–1906) Quartet in a op.35 for Violin, Viola and 2 Cellos

Program Suggestions Ysaÿe Trio

Program 1 – Viennese Classics

J.S. Bach arr. W.A. Mozart – Adagio and Fugue KV404a/2
Ludwig van Beethoven – String Trio Op. 9 No. 3 in c
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart –  Divertimento for String Trio K. 563 E-flat

Program 2 – Folklore

Jean Sibelius – String Trio in g
Zoltan Kodaly – Intermezzo
Ernst von Dochnanyi – Serenade for String Trio Op. 10
George Enescu – Aubade
Eugene Ysaye – String Trio “Le Chimay”

Concert Programs of approximately 60 minutes:

Program 3

Johann Sebastian Bach – Goldberg Variations BWV 988 arr. Sitkovetsky

Program 4

Franz Schubert – Triosatz D 471 in B-flat
Franz Schubert – String Trio D 581 in B-flat

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Symphonic Intimacy with Hanna Shybayeva, Piano

Ysaÿe Trio with Hanna Shybayeva, piano

Home-concerts have always been an important tradition in classical music. During the time of Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin, for instance, concerts in the intimacy of the salon were just as important as those in renowned concert-halls. Well known musicians as well as amateurs came together to play chamber-music, which at the same time also offered composers the opportunity to gradually introduce their new compositions. During the late-classical and early-romantic period, it was quite common for composers to arrange their own works for smaller ensembles.

Mozart, for example, arranged many of his piano-concerto’s especially for piano and string-quartet (he called these “Kammer-Konzerten”), and wrote enthusiastically about it to his father, while Beethoven also  regularly arranged his work for smaller ensembles. Mendelssohn performed his first piano concerto and concerto for violin & piano together with his friends at a “Sunday-morning home-concert” and on the title-page of the first edition of Chopin’s piano concertos it says: “Concerto pour le piano avec accompagnement de l’orchestre ou avec quintuor”. In fact, Chopin performed his piano concertos more often with a quintet than with a large orchestra.

For a long time, such intimate symphonic home-concerts played a very prominent artistic and social role, a function which was well maintained until after the second world-war, when this tradition disappeared from the concert-scene.

In this series, we try to create an original atmosphere, reverting to the “salon-concert” culture of those times.

Hanna Shybayeva and the Ysaÿe Trio

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PROGRAM 2013-2014

J.S. Bach – W.A. Mozart KV.404a Prelude and Fuga No.2 in g
L. van Beethoven Piano Quartet Op. 16
A. Dvorak Piano Quintet in Es op.87

Past Programs
G. Mahler Piano Quartet in a
A. Schnittke Piano Quartet in a
J. S. Bach Piano Concerto in d (arr. Hanna Shybayeva)
C. Jost Piano Quartet Nr. 2 “Uhrwerk”
D. Shostakovich Piano Quintet Op. 57 in g

J. S. Bach – W. A. Mozart Prelude and Fugue BWV 852-KV 404/1 for String Trio
L. van Beethoven Piano Concerto Nr. 4 Op. 58 for Piano and String Quartet
C. Franck Piano Quintet

“1810-2010 Tribute to Chopin”
C. Debussy Piano Trio in G (1879)
G. Faure Piano Quartet Nr.1 op.15 in c
F. Chopin Scherzo op.20 nr.1 (piano solo)
F. Chopin Piano Concerto op.11 (arr. piano, string quintet)

“1810-2010 Tribute to Chopin, Schumann”
R. Schumann Faschingsswank aus Wien op.26 (piano solo)
R. Schumann Piano Quartet op.47 in E-flat
F. Chopin Scherzo No. 1 (piano solo)
F. Chopin Piano concerto op.22 (arr. piano, string quintet)

N. Hummel Trio for piano, violin, cello and flute
W. A. Mozart – N. Hummel Piano Concerto nr.20 in d (arr. piano trio, flute)
W. A. Mozart – N. Hummel Symphony nr.40 (arr. piano trio, flute)

F. Schubert Triosatz (string trio) D471
W. A. Mozart Piano Concerto nr.9 (arr. piano, string quartet)
L. van Beethoven Symphony nr.3 “Eroica” (arr. piano quartet)

L. van Beethoven String Trio op.9 nr.2
L .van Beethoven Piano Concerto op.15 nr.1 (arr. piano, string quartet)
J. Brahms Piano Quintet in f

F. Schubert “Forellen-Quintet”
L. van Beethoven Piano Concerto op.58 nr.4 (arr. piano, string quartet)

J. Haydn Piano Trio in C No. 43 Hob 15/27
L. van Beethoven Piano Sonate “Les Adieux” op.81a
L. van Beethoven Symphony nr.3 “Eroica” (arr. piano quartet)
A. Schönberg “Ode for Napoleon Bonaparte” op.41 (piano quintet, reciter)

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Ysaÿe Trio with Felicia van den End, Flute

Program 2013-2014

A. Vivaldi (1678-1741)  Concerto ‘Il Cardellino’ Arr. Felicia v.d. End
F. Devienne (1759-1803)  Flute Quartet in G Op. 66
Paul Ben Haim (1897-1984) Serenade for Flute Quartet
M. Reger (1873-1916)  Serenade for Flute, Violin and Viola op.141a
W.A. Mozart (1756-1791) – Flute Quartet in A

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Felicia van den End began to play the flute at the age of 10. Two years later she was accepted in the Young Talent class of the Utrecht Conservatorium, where she studied with Abbie de Quant.

In 1997 and 1998 she gained first prize in the National Flute Competition. In 2003 she was awarded first prize in the national competition ‘Netherlands Young Musical Talent’ and was selected as ‘Young Musical Talent of 2002’. In 2003 the jury of the Princess Christina Competition Jury awarded her first prize in the National Final, which resulted in an appearance at Carnegie Hall, New York. Further distinctions followed, including first prize in the international ‘Jeunesses Musicales’ flute competition in Bucharest and the Essent Music Award for young talent 2003. In 2005/2006 she studied at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris in the class of Pierre-Yves Artaud and Florence Delépine. She also took piccolo lessons with Pierre Dumail. She graduated from the Utrecht Conservatory in 2007 with highest distinction for her Bachelor. From September 2009 she is continuing her study with Jacques Zoon in Geneva.

As a soloist she has appeared with a number of orchestras, including the Antonio Lucio Chamber Orchestra, the North Holland Philharmonic Orchestra, Camerata Amsterdam, the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra, Kiev Solists and the Dutch National Youth Orchestra.

Felicia was flautist at the Zürich Opera Academy from 2007 until 2008.

Together with pianist Daria van den Bercken she played in the Concertgebouw’s Young Dutch Performersseries at the Gergiev Festival, and in the context of the Debut Series, she gave eleven concerts in the Netherlands’ most important musical centers. For the Debut Series she won, together with Daria van den Bercken and singer Karin Strobos, the audience prize of which is a CD recording. In October 2009 Felicia was awarded the Elisabeth Everts prize for young talent.

Felicia has performed in master classes with the flautists Patrick Gallois, Philippe Bernold and Emanuelle Pahud. She also appears regularly in concert halls at home and abroad, from the United States to Japan, South Africa, the Middle-East, Germany and France.

Ysaÿe Trio with Pauline Oostenrijk, Oboe

Program 2013-2014
W. A. Mozart – Oboe Quartet K. 370
L. van Beethoven – String Trio Op. 9 Nr. 3 in c
E. Ysaÿe – String Trio “Le Chimay”
B. Britten – Phantasy Quartet for Oboe and String Trio

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